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To apply for Paid Parental Leave you need to lodge a claim with the family assistance office. This can be done up to three months before the expected date of birth or adoption of your child. 

To prevent any delay in receiving your maternity leave payment it is worthwhile applying for the scheme before your child arrives. Parental Leave must be paid in full within 52 weeks from your childís birth date or date of adoption.

This means that in order to receive the full amount you are eligible for the nominated start date for your payments should be within 34 weeks of the birth or adoption of your child.

You may lodge a claim with the Family Assistance Office

·       in person at any Medicare Office or Centrelink service centre

·       by using their website

·       by calling the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

For people who have not claimed from Family Assistance or Centrelink before please be aware that it may not be a quick process and can take some time to fill out all the required sections.  After your baby arrives completing Centrelink paperwork and forms will be the last thing you feel like doing!!

If you are applying online you will be asked to develop numerous security questions and answers to protect your privacy.  It is useful to think of these before you apply.

The following information may also be useful to have collected before beginning the process:

·       Your name and partnerís name (and any previous names), address and contact details

·       Your tax file number and your partnerís tax file number

·       Income details for previous financial years

·       Details of your employer including contact numbers

·       Details of any previous children including dates of birth etc

·       Details of any previous government payments



When your child is born you will also have to register their birth with Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry in your state or territory. 

You will be given at the hospital a proof of birth form that needs to be returned to the Family Assistance Office as soon as possible after the birth of your baby. Your Parental Leave payments cannot commence until this form has been fully processed. 


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